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Luxurious, warm fleece wildlife wolf blankets or wildlife home decor wolf bedding.
Welcome to our fabulous fleece wolf throws and wildlife bedding collection!
Where you will soon discover the magic of the mysterious wolf through the soft feel and radiating warmth of a luxurious wildlife blanket or bedding.

The Legendary Wolf
Being a predatory animal, wolves have been misunderstood for years. These mysterious animals are by nature quite playful and lively and it is not common practice for them to attack a human being, they prefer to shy away from human contact all together.

Wolves are territorial animals with strong loyalty among family members. Like people, a wolf's territory is for where their family lives and where they feel safe and secure.

Howling Wolf Bedding

Howling Wolf Print Blanket Throw

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Call Of The Wild Raschel Wolf BlanketHowl with pleasure cuddled within the warming folds of this exhilarating wildlife throw! Breathtakingly powerful in appearance yet luxuriously soft with a comforting to the touch plush, furry feel. The Call of the Wild Wolf Blanket covers all your expectations and beyond. Generous 50 x 60 inch size
Lodge Throw Wolves Tapestry BlanketImbue your room with Wildlife personality! Woven with 100% naturally soft cotton and displaying two powerful wolves with impeccable reality surrounded by rustic cabin images this wildlife tapestry throw is guaranteed to fill your room with a comfy cabin feel.
Lonely Vigil Wolf Throw - Cotton Tapestry BlanketBe prepared to Stimulate your Senses with this Exciting Wolf Blanket's captivating Wildlife Scene! Now more than ever, it's certainly obvious why the Call of the Wild is hard to resist! Proudly Made in the USA. Handy 60 x 50 Sofa Size. Kevin Daniel / Applejack Licensing
Howling Wolf Throw Wildlife Tapestry Blanket - In HarmonyPersonal Touches are what makes Your House Your Home. If Wildlife Decor fits into your cozy Cabin the In Harmony Howling Wolf Throw will surpass all of Your Wildest Expectations. A One of a Kind, Heirloom Quality Masterpiece! 54 x 54 Lap Square
Howling Wolf Print Blanket ThrowWolf Decor at it's Best! Close you eyes, wrap up and snuggle, with this luxuriously soft furry print Wolf blanket around you as you enjoy a relaxing moment with this Howling Wolf Throw and it will become an adventure that dreams are made of. Wildlife with a soothing twist. Size - Lap Throw Sofa Blanket
Timber Wolf Lodge BlanketFrom cozy cabin decor to luxurious camp comfort, nothing fits your lifestyle better than a well designed, top quality warm lodge blanket or throw and the timber wolf lodge blanket is no exception.
60 x 50 size lodge or camp sofa throw
Wolf Blanket ThrowTame on color yet nicely wild on character, this magnificent decorative animal blanket will bring out the best in your wildlife decor! If you love wolves, wildlife, or nature itself, do yourself a favor and check out this amazingly detailed decorative wildlife throw today! Great wolf gift idea. 60 x 50 couch or sofa throw
Wolf Throw BlanketSimple can be Stunning! Let your gaze lay upon this Stunning Black and White Wildlife Print Blanket and experience the Wild in a Warming Way! Simply have handy and drape over your favorite sitting area or sofa for a striking effect.
Ample 60 x 50 inch size
Twin Wolves Blanket Wildlife ThrowLuxurious softness and warmth you can get lost in plus realistic detail accented by a complimentary southwest border that will stand out in any room to create a striking wildlife decor!  Reverse side side same pattern opposing coloring. Handy size 50 x 60 throw blanket

Zip And Snap Blanket - Wolf Warm Me UpThere's no better way to tame your day than when cuddled up within this amazingly plush, high pile, cozy Warm Me Up Wearable Wolf Blanket. The unmatched quality is apparent with vision alone throughout this Wildlife Robe, but with that aside, wait until it's plush Superior loft is felt and it's radiating toasty warmth is covering you!
Adult Size Blanket Wrap 60 x 70
Moonlight Howling Wolves Blanket Denali ThrowYou don't want to be left out of the pact...this howling wolf home decor accessory has everything you could want in a luxurious, warm, thick wildlife throw and more! Incredibly detailed, marvelously soft and comfortable, the Denali double layer howling wolves blanket is the perfect choice for any outdoor animal or wildlife lover. Sure to make you howl with pleasure! Generous twin bed topper 60 x 80 inches or wildlife sofa throw
Free shipping on Denali blankets
Wolf Moon Kids Wearable Blanket RobeZip and snap on the wolf moon blanket and the only howling that will be heard will be that of pure delight. Perfect for boys, the wolf moon wearable cuddlewrap blanket will become a favorite warming robe that will keep the chill away from head to toe! Great Gift Idea.
Made in the USA - Biederlack of America

Most of our wolf throws are shipped out of the states or made in the USA. Many of these wildlife designs are by the famous Hautman brothers or  Earth Ragz wildlife blankets are woven using environmentally friendly, recycled fibers. All are of the finest quality, Jacquard woven fleece throws or cotton tapestry afghan blankets available. Woven with an acrylic polyester or cotton blend, the high pile fleece wolf blankets and throws are not only toasty warm but also pleasingly soft with an almost "furry feel" to the touch.