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What is a Biederlack Cuddle Wrap
Biederlack cuddlewraps...what they're all about

A cuddlewrap is a top quality fleece blanket made by Biederlack of America that comes equipped with specially placed snaps and a zipper. These snaps and zipper allow it to become a "wearable blanket" with no drafts, thus cuddling your entire body in cozy comfort and toasty warmth with like no ordinary bath robe ever could!

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Kids Wraps for childrens wearable cuddlewrap blankets

While wearing your Cuddle Wrap Blanket you're able to stand up, walk around, sit down, even lay down, all without it falling off your shoulders, sliding off your legs or ever having to leave your Warming Blanket behind.

       Imagine that...
No more Holding your Blanket Closed!

When you snuggle up the best part is, the Blanket does all the work leaving your hands free for crafts, relaxing with a good book or snacking on the well loved popcorn when watching your favorite TV show!

Reagan Burgundy Wearable Blanket Reagan Burgundy

The family that cuddles together stays warm together...
Now Biederlack has made that possible!

Now at last, this popular wearable blanket is available in various sizes making it easy to find the perfect cuddlewrap for each and every member of your family.

From the little tots who love to snuggle, to the original size cuddle wrap for the average adult, and now bringing to you, the cuddle wrap plus, giving the extra room needed for larger members of the family.

Find Your Perfect Fit
Kids Wrap
45 x 40
55 x 55

Average Adult Wrap
55 x 67

Cuddle Wrap Plus
60 x 80

playtime bear kids cuddlewrap blanket Play Time Bear Childrens

How to Wear A Cuddle Wrap

Create your own Cozy Wearable Haven of Warmth...

It's Easy
Wrap, Zip and Snap!

Wrap Blanket around yourself so that the zipper runs lengthwise up the front center of your body.

Zip center zipper all the way up. Bring top right hand corner over your shoulder and down to the top of the zipper and snap.
Repeat for the left side

Snap up the top front.

Winter Warmer  Snowflake Cuddle Wrap
Winter Warmer

Two Great Benefits For The Price Of One!

Need An Extra Sofa Throw?


Biederlack Cuddle Wraps (Aha! sometimes called Cuddle Wrap Blankets) do just that.

Simply unzip and unsnap and now your Wearable Cuddlewrap is now as completely usable as any Fleece Throw Blanket giving you two great benefits for the price of one!

Camp Boundary Waters Lodge Cuddlewrap
Camp Boundary Waters Lodge Cuddlewrap Blanket

A wise cost effective money saving investment!

Cut Cost On Heating!

With the ever rising price of home heating costs, Biederlack Cuddlewraps are not simply a novelty to own but truly a money saving investment.

Many of us turn down the thermostats at night and wake up to a chill that has us only turning the heat up again in the morning.

When you're home snuggled in a Luxurious, Warming Fleece Cuddle Wrap you'll be able to keep that thermostat down a few extra degrees while at the same time tuning up the heat around you and staying nice and comfy!

Moon and Stars Moon and Stars Cuddle Wrap

Cozy Comfort... it goes where you do, Indoors or Out

At home? Have one of these unbeatable, handy snuggle blankets as a decorative throw when not being worn. When the chill sets in, wrap, zip & snap into cozy comfort instantly!

Have handy a wearable cuddle wrap in your car for an unbeatable travel blanket ready whenever the need of comfort and warmth may arise.

Going to the game? These cuddle blanket wraps are fantastic stadium blankets for two or a cozy comfort to snuggle in when worn.

Sports events...experience just how invaluable a cuddle wrap will be the next time you attend your child's outdoor sports game and the chill sets in! As other parents struggle to hold their blankets snug, you'll stay toasty warm and still have your hands free to cheer on your little athlete.

Cuddlewraps put the word comfort back into camping for any outdoors lover!


Camo Camouflage Cuddle Wrap
Sorry Sold Out!

There's no limits with a Biederlack Fleece Cuddle Wrap and a little imagination.

Who Can Use A Wearable Snuggle Blanket?

Any one can join the cuddle wrap crowd!

Men and Women, little tots to teens, even plus size members of the family all benefit from and love the cozy snuggle feel, radiating warmth, and ultra softness of these Comfort giving
Fleece Blanket Wraps!

Lillehammer Blanket Robe

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The Perfect Unique Gift Idea!

Considering all the many benefits, from Home Decor Furniture Throws to Wearable Snuggle Blankets, a money saving investment, plus the many uses of a Cuddle Wrap, I think you'll agree, that these Wearable Blankets are the perfect gift to fulfill anyone's comforting needs.

An excellent unique Present to give as a well thought of Elderly Gift Idea for Christmas or any special occassion. Cuddle Wraps are the perfect "gift for her" to keep her cozy on those chillier evenings, "gift for him" or the dad who has it all!

 Give as unbeatable Birthday presents, gifts for the Holidays or whenever you want to show someone special just how much you care and Blanket a life with a little extra joy!
Southwest Wearable Blankets
Southwest Wearable Blankets

What are you waiting for...
With all their Many Benefits, Don't you think it's about time You and Your Family Join the Cuddlewrap Crowd?