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Plaid Blankets Checkered Throws Plaid Blankets Checkered Throws

Plaid blankets and check throws...where luxurious comfort and your interior home decor come together with sensational comfort and style.

Not only the perfect plaid throw blankets for year round use, but also you'll see, there's many uses for these plaid throws... 

Soften your room with the elegance of checked blankets and classic tartan throws with traditional plaid print patterns, all inviting eye catching plaid designs that never seem to go out of style! 

Find various bright and vibrant colored blankets (great for picnic blanket use or the beach during the warmer months) to more subtle stunning shades of color when an extra touch of inviting home decor is needed to enhance the style of any room.

Wool Tartan Blanket Throws
Plaid Wool Blanket Tartan Throws

Plaid Throws

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Plaid Blanket - Black Red & Cashew Beige Denali ThrowPlaid Blanket - Black Red & Cashew Beige Denali ThrowPlush, soft and luxurious, radiating toasty warmth throughout every fiber against your this exaggeration? Not after you've cuddled in a Double thick layer, Denali Blanket and this classic Cashew, Red and Black Plaid Blanket Throw is no exception! Pamper yourself starting today!
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Cotton Plaid Blanket Aqua BlueCotton Plaid Blanket Aqua BlueLiterally knock your socks off with this Aqua plaid blanket by Ibena! Bold and beautiful, perfect for a little extra warm bedding or toss throw to warm your favorite sitting area. This one of a kind Ibena blanket becomes the main attraction in any room with it's fresh, crisp and magnificent modern look! Generous 55 x 80 inches
Flannel Blanket - Plaid Maroon and WhiteFlannel Blanket - Plaid Maroon and WhiteA Soft lightweight blanket throw to pack and go for cozy comfort anytime anywhere made of 100% cotton double brushed European flannel on the front face backed with 7 oz. of cozy soft fleece on the reverse side. Couch or Sofa throw
Houndstooth Blanket Black and WhiteHoundstooth Blanket Black and WhiteLiterally Knock Your Socks Off with this Luxurious Houndstooth Check Blanket! Richly designed, Bold and Beautiful! Fresh, Crisp and Magnificent this one of a kind Denali throw blankets becomes the main attraction in any room!
Double layered thick, microplush throw. Generous 60 x 80 inches.
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Mycen Pure Wool Blanket by LebarcaMycen Pure Wool Blanket by LebarcaNot all Wools are Alike...Entirely Eco Friendly and Organic, the Mycen Wool Blanket by Lebarca is Dye Free, colored only by the Natural Tones of the Sheep's Wool. Warmth Like Never Before...
Approximately 60 x 84 Couch Throw or Twin Bed Cover
Flannel Blanket - Black And Pink PlaidFlannel Blanket - Black And Pink PlaidThe perfect combination in one Handy and black contrasting colors plus flannel on one side and fleece on the other, a winning combination of comfort and style! Sofa, Lap or Couch size throw
Flannel Blanket - Purple Plaid with WhiteFlannel Blanket - Purple Plaid with WhiteFun and Functional with Stylish Decor leading the way, the Purple Plaid Flannel Blanket offers a casual Welcoming appearance as it dresses things up a notch. Undeniably a Fantastic Teen Gift Idea! Handy sofa or couch size
Flannel Blanket Plaid Blue and GoldFlannel Blanket Plaid Blue and GoldThe Cuddle feeling of flannel is back! Capture that warm and cozy snuggle up hugging sensation of the good old popular flannel shirt each and every time that you're wrapped in this warming two ply, flannel, fleece backed Plaid Blanket Throw! Handy Size couch throw.
Nordic Wool Throw BlanketsNordic Wool Throw BlanketsEvery home should have at least one classic wool blanket throw to reach for when the chill is on! Not only useful with it's luxuriously warming comfort, but an outstanding match all, decorative home accent that will become the center of attraction in any room as well. Don't miss this bargain! Generous 56 x 72
Flannel Blanket - Plaid Purple And GoldFlannel Blanket - Plaid Purple And GoldEnjoy Big Style and Cozy Comfort at one Low Cost with this Fun Gold and Purple Plaid Flannel Blanket Throw so you can make it Pretty yet keep it Practical! Great Teen Gift Idea - Sofa or Couch Size
Red Plaid Blanket Wool Throw Wooded RiverRed Plaid Blanket Wool Throw Wooded RiverTurn up the Heat without turning up your Thermostat! The Red Plaid Blanket Wool Throw by Wooded River...a washable wool throw with an acrylic blend for the soft touch yet added wool for toasty warmth to. Better than any flannel shirt ever was! Over Sized Throw 60 x 72 inch
Morning Warm Heavy Wool BlanketMorning Warm Heavy Wool BlanketBetter Comfort starts with a Better Blanket! There are many Imitators on the Market but only the Lebarca Morning Warm, 100% Virgin Wool Blanket offers a completely, all Natural, Rustic Look and Comfortable, Soft Wool Feel. Approximately 60 x 84 Twin Size Sofa Throw
Tartans - Wool Plaid Blanket Tartan ThrowsTartans - Wool Plaid Blanket Tartan ThrowsClassic Stewart Beige, Lindsay Plaid, Blackwatch Tartans and More! An Old Time Favorite, the Traditional Tartan Blanket Throw... one of the most useful all season blanket throws available. Unbeatable Tartan Gift Idea! Generous Size 56 x 72
Flannel Blanket - Plaid Royal Blue With Silver GrayFlannel Blanket - Plaid Royal Blue With Silver GrayPremium Cotton Flannel combined with a backing of invitingly soft fleece. The Blue and Silver Flannel Blanket Throw...Lightweight warmth at a very comfortable price! Popular Teenagers Gift idea with the preppy plaid appeal. Handy Sofa or Couch size Throw
Flannel Blanket -Plaid Throw Black with GoldFlannel Blanket -Plaid Throw Black with GoldLooks bold but feels warm and cozy. Offering the perfect lightweight comfort for year round use this flannel blanket is the best in the business. A Popular Plaid in black and gold. The perfect size and weight for indoor or outdoor use.
Flannel Blanket - Plaid Throw Navy with OrangeFlannel Blanket - Plaid Throw Navy with OrangeCreated for Today's demanding lifestyle this Fantastic Flannel Blanket Throw is a nice lightweight but warming and unbeatable for indoor or outdoor use! Be sure to check it out. The perfect couch, lap or sofa throw size.
Black Watch Navy Blue Plaid Throw - Tapestry AfghanBlack Watch Navy Blue Plaid Throw - Tapestry AfghanIt's nice to know that some things never seem to go out of style. The popular, classic navy blackwatch plaid throw blanket, one traditional tapestry afghan throw you can always rest assured with! 100% cotton made in the USA, sofa throw 53 x 70 inches
Flannel Blanket - Plaid Black With OrangeFlannel Blanket - Plaid Black With OrangeBlankets are heating it up everywhere and this Snazzy, two ply Fleece and Flannel Blanket is no exception! Check it out...Popular Teen Gift idea, especially for teen boys! The perfect size couch or sofa throw
Flannel Blanket - Plaid Throw Navy With GoldFlannel Blanket - Plaid Throw Navy With GoldLike the Feel of Flannel PJ's? You're going to Love this Flannel Blanket. Popular Plaid throw in navy blue with gold. Two ply construction, fleece backed. Sofa, Lap or Couch Size
Flannel Blanket Blue PlaidFlannel Blanket Blue PlaidThe Softest Flannel Blanket around backed with Cozy Fleece! If you like Blue this is the flannel blanket for you. Popular Navy and Columbia Blue Plaid which is also masculine enough to pamper any Dad or Teenage Boy as the perfect gift idea. Couch, lap or sofa size
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The majority of our plush, high pile or soft low pile Jacquard plaid throws and fleece check blankets or cotton tapestries are shipped out of or made in the USA and are among the finest quality woven fleece throws, blankets and bedding available. Many of these decorative plaid or checked throw blankets are woven with an acrylic polyester or cotton blend which is not only toasty warm but also pleasingly soft to the touch.