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Cuddle Wraps For Adults Cuddle Wraps For Adults

Cuddle wrap, fleece blanket wraps, warm me ups, snugly warm wearable blankets...these soft luxurious Biederlack cuddle wrap blankets are the best solution for warmth and comfortable, draft free relaxation!

Cuddlewraps are equipped with snaps that fasten plus a quality zipper to create a unique wearable blanket that stays comfortably on your shoulders. 

Warmer and more snugly than any bathrobe, warm me up fleece cuddle wraps also leave your hands and feet free to use so you can read a good novel, work on your favorite project and walk easily without leaving your toasty warm blanket behind!

Lillehammer Adult Cuddle Wrap

Click All about Cuddle Wraps to learn more about wearable cuddlewrap blankets, or Kid Size Cuddle Wraps to view smaller sizes or for ordering your childs very own zip and snap cuddle blanket today!

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Kipp Biederlack Cuddle WrapFantastic Gift for Him or Her, here is a Richly Designed Plaid Pattern that anyone is sure to love! Simply Zip and Snap on the Heat with the Luxurious Kipp Warm me up Blanket Robe by Biederlack of America. Fits an Average Adult size. 55 x 67 inch
Fall Adventure Warm Me Up Snap and Zip BlanketTurn down the thermostat and turn up the heat with the Beautiful Fall Adventure Wrap and Snap Blanket Covering you! Don't let the cold get you chilled...Snuggle Up in this gorgeous Wearable Cuddle Up Blanket and enjoy true comfort today.
Adult Size 60 x 70 inches
Cuddlewrap Blanket YiikahEveryone loves a Snuggle Up Blanket and with this gorgeous Yiikah Cuddle wrap you can take the chill off in style! So treat yourself and add cozy comfort plus toasty warmth to melt the chill of those long winter nights starting now.
Average Adult Size 55 X 67
Moon Star Cuddle Wrap Wearable BlanketOut of this world cozy comfort that will never be left behind. Check out this Astrology cuddle wrap blanket for the ultimate in wearable warmth. Average adult size 55 x 67.
Cuddle Wrap Blanket Biederlack Cottage RoseThis Lovely Patchwork Rose Zip and Snap on Blanket is a fantastic gift idea for any Flower Lover. As a Blanket Robe or used as a decorative sofa throw this Biederlack Cuddle Wrap is a pleasure to wear or display and a Luxurious Joy to Own.
Average Adult Size 55 x 67
Wearable Blanket Robes Snap and Zip on BlanketsTwo extra ordinary southwest designs, one fantastic snap and zip on blanket robe. Knock your socks off and get warm and cozy. Adult Size 60 x 70
Camp Boundary Waters CuddlewrapA wearable blanket robe, the camp boundary waters fleece cuddle wrap is warming from head to toe and super soft to the touch. The zip and snap on blanket wrap by Biederlack, a fantastic gift for him idea.  Average adult size 55 x 67
Cuddle Wrap Wearable Blanket Southwest YiikahStunning when worn as a wearable snuggle up blanket or just as beautiful when layed flat over the sofa, the Yiikah southwest cuddle wrap warm me up wearable blanket will deliver cozy heat and comfort without any drafts even on the coldest of eves!
Average adult size 55 x 67
Scandinavian Cuddlewrap Wearable Blanket RobeJust as useful as it is gorgeous the Ramsdahl Scandinavian cuddlewrap wearable blanket robe sooths your body and soul with an old world beauty combined with today's convenience of a zip up and snap on blanket robe. Average Adult cuddle wrap 55 x 67
Zip Snap Wearable Blanket Wrap Horse AdventureAre you a Horse Lover? Do you know someone who is? Treat yourself or just imagine someone specials face as they receive this wonderful Wearable Blanket Robe as the gift they'll always treasure. A must have Horse Blanket for all the serious horse lovers. Adult Size 60 x 70
Lyndon Spice Cuddle Wrap Snuggle Up BlanketEveryone loves a Snuggle Up Blanket and with this Handsome Red Plaid Cuddle wrap you can take the chill off in style! So treat yourself or add cozy comfort, plus toasty warmth to someone specials long winter nights starting now.
Average Adult Size 55 X 67
Eagle Cuddlewrap by Biederlack - Wildlife Eagles WatchSome say detail is everything, some say you need more...This magnificent Biederlack cuddle wrap wearable blanket robe offers it all plus more. Exquisite detail and top quality craftsmanship is delivered to your door with the amazingly soft and luxurious fleece landing eagle cuddlewrap. Average adult size 55 x 67 inches
Western Cuddlewrap Wearable Blanket Running FreeExperience that Good Old Western "tucked In Feeling" whenever you snuggle up in your Running Free Horse Wearable Snap Throw! If Horses are your passion or you're wild About the Wild West, then this Magnificent Cuddle Wrap could be your Warmth.
Average Adult 55 x 67
Zip And Snap Blanket - Wolf Warm Me UpThere's no better way to tame your day than when cuddled up within this amazingly plush, high pile, cozy Warm Me Up Wearable Wolf Blanket. The unmatched quality is apparent with vision alone throughout this Wildlife Robe, but with that aside, wait until it's plush Superior loft is felt and it's radiating toasty warmth is covering you!
Adult Size Blanket Wrap 60 x 70
Cuddlewrap Blanket Warm Me UpCozy comfort takes on a whole new meaning when snuggled in the Cottage Rose warm me up cuddlewrap! Most blankets, even the wearable snuggie, lay over and cover the front of the body whereas the wearable warm me up cuddle wrap zips and snaps you completely in soft, luxurious, penetrating warmth from front to back and head to toe. Average adult cuddlewrap size 55 x 67
Caldwell Biederlack CuddlewrapKnock your socks off or those of someone special with the radiating warmth and cozy comfort that's felt when zipped in the Caldwell cuddlewrap blanket by Biederlack. A fantastic wearable blanket gift for the one who has it all!
Average adult size 55 x 67
Celestial Cuddlewrap Wearable Blanket RobeWhy reach for any ordinary bath robe or blanket the next time you need some cozy cuddling when you can reach for the stars? With the warmth and coziness of the draft free, zip up and snap on Celestial wearable blanket robe you'll never feel the chill!
Average adult size 55 x 67
Leaf Puzzle Cuddle Wrap Snuggle BlanketPamper yourself today with the classy Leaf Snuggle Up Blanket wrapped around you and change the way you define relaxation forever! Luxuriously soft fleece and toasty warmth to snuggle in on those long winter nights make the Leaf Puzzle Wearable Blanket Throw Wrap, hard to be without.
Average Adult Size 55 x 67
Warm Me Up Wearable Blanket Bear AdventureNo drafts with this Bear Adventure Warm Me Up Wearable Blanket Robe wrapped around you! Its Zip and Snap design keeps you completely pampered in penetrating warmth from head to toe! Perfect gift Idea for hunters or men who love the great outdoors.
Adult size 60 x 70 inches
Snowflake Warm Me Up Wearable Blanket RobeLet it Snow as you Zip out the Draft and Snap in the Body Heat with a delightful, pampering Snuggle Up Blanket of Luxury that goes wherever you go. Your Winters will never be the same again!
Adult Size 60 x 70
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Cuddlewraps made in the USA by Biederlack of America a leader in the industry, plus now also offering new acrylic warm me up blanket robes all of which are top quality, durable and long lasting blanket wraps. You can rest assured knowing that you are only getting the best with any of our zip and snap wearable blankets.

Join the cuddlewrap crowd...
relaxation is always better within the folds of a cozy warm wearable blanket!